Have a look at these species. There are similarities and there is a major difference. What do you think they are?

Each have the ability to camouflage themselves within their environment. To be hidden. To not stand out. The animals of course ADAPT to the environment they are in. They can’t DO anything about their environment. They make the best of where they are.

With humans we often also adapt ourself into the environment in which we find ourselves. We CONFORM to what the environment (and the people within it) expect of us. We step on the hamster wheel and we go about our business often in a rote-like manner. Without really thinking.

Unlike animals though, we do however have the ability to CHANGE our environment. To think in different ways. To absorb different perspectives. To change the people (and opinions) we surround ourselves with.

Earl Nightingale said a quote that’s always stuck with me…

The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice. It’s conformity“.

You don’t have to be as strong as a tiger or as cunning as a fox. You do have to be as wise as an owl though and make the change to your environment to allow you to become the human you want to be!