Val Wishart

The Money Boss

Val is the Practise Finance Director. Running her own Accountancy Firm – Beyond The Numbers – means that as she manages the finance of our coaching firm we keep at the cutting edge of all things financial so that we are best equipped to help clients in this critical area.

Tracy Milligan

The Glue Manager

Tracy is awesome and is the ‘glue’ that holds everything together. With a military background and and a ‘can-do’ attitude  Tracy helps the practise run smoothly so clients are looked after brilliantly.

Graeme Milton

The Online Guy

Graeme is the online guy! It’s so important for businesses to look good online and for us to be seen on line as we are. Last thing we want is for people to see us online and then meet someone they didn’t expect to meet. Graeme helps us keep at the forefront of digital so we can be congruent when we coach our clients in this area.

Yvonne Webb

The Business Coach

Yvonne is an ex-colleague from our corporate days, a friend and my fellow coach. Clients benefit from different people in different situations and we regularly deliver group coaching and team training programs.

Rob Pickering

My Coach

Rob is my coach. Remember, if ever you speak with a coach who themselves DON’T have a coach…challenge them on it! Why not? Rob is an integral part of my team and I credit him with much of my success. He’s quite funny too!

Alex Richards

The Video Dude

Alex has the most remarkable way with people. Great fun, gets the best out of people and helps me create video content that is (hopefully) helpful for the business community.

Alan Smith

The Business Coach

Inspired by the quote “Hell on earth would be to meet the man I could have been” I want to Be, Do and Have as much in life as I can so that I can shuffle off this planet (hopefully at a good old age) looking back and saying “that was a life well lived. I made a difference”.