How could a coach make you more productive?

Struggling to do the things you know you should be doing to really drive your business forward? Are you getting dragged down into low value tasks like emails, proposals, finances and admin? I’ll help you to turn these time consuming tasks into processes that can be easily delegated or outsourced, getting you working ON the business, and not IN the business.

Cutting down your hours

We’ll measure how you’re actually spending your time and then help you build productive habits, beat procrastination and clarify your annual, quarterly and weekly goals.

Goal-setting with accountability

A coach helps you write goals for your business and for you. Together we’ll look at the key functions of your business – Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance & Admin and HR and make plans for efficiency and growth. Having a coach by your side means there’s always someone there to keep you clear on your goals and to help you stay on track. It’s easy to “let yourself off with things” but with a coach, you’ll ensure that the important stuff gets done.

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