How could a coach help you improve your marketing?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I don’t have a marketing plan. I don’t know how to create one!”
  • “I don’t have the budget to do marketing…”
  • “What IS marketing?”
  • “I need more customers…”

Tackling Marketing ROI

Don’t know how to measure the impact of your marketing? I’ll ensure that you measure the ROI on everything you do. I’ll examine your strategy, critique your marketing materials and provide you with actionable feedback to make sure your marketing efforts generate maximum return.

Boosting poor sales performance

I’ll make sure your marketing is as effective as possible not only in generating leads but in moving your prospects closer towards a buying decision even before they make contact with you. Then I’ll help your sales team close more deals by coaching them on handling objections, questioning & listening techniques, building rapport and managing common sales fears.

Creating Raving Fans

All of the best businesses know that the very best form of marketing is through great customer service and consistent delivery (or rather…over-delivery) on promises. Keeping existing customers is always cheaper than finding new ones so together we’ll help you turn your existing customers into raving fans so that they spend more, stay with you longer and sing your praises to everyone they meet.

Book an initial 15 minute call to see if Business Coaching could help you create an actionable marketing plan.