What to cover during review meetings with your team members

We share a couple of templates that will help provide the structure that will help you have effective and meaningful reviews with your team.

SWOT Analysis

Use this very simple SWOT Analysis template to get clear on the options you have for your future business direction.

How to leave a Google Review and a Linked In Recommendation

Your prospects will be checking you out before they contact you so you’d better make sure you’re online reputation is in good order. Getting ‘social proof’ in the form of reviews and recommendations from customers is a really good way to strengthen your online reputation. This downloadable tool is a step-by-step instruction of how to…

4 Functions planner

There are 4 key functions within every business and working with clients over the years we’ve found that a helpful way to structure your thoughts about the priorities for the future is by using this simple grid.

Grading your customers

A great exercise to do with your customer database is to go through it and Grade Your Customers as Grade A, B, C or D customers. The reason for doing this is to ensure that you DON’T treat all customers the same…..because they are not the same.

Sell more of your existing products to existing customers

Before we start thinking about selling new products to new customers let’s take a step back and look at what’s right under our noses. The first place to go is to sell existing products to existing customers.

5 ways strategy selector

How many strategies are you currently operating within your business that are growing profit? Do you know where to start? Traditional thinking looks at the simple formula which has just 3 variables: Sales-Expenses = Profit. There are actually 5 variables to work on and we have over 300 strategies which are available in this downloadable…

KPIs Selector

Struggling to know what performance measures to set your team members? Download this tool for suggestions by function within your business.

The 12 most important questions you need to address to attract, focus and retain the best employees

This article reveals the 12 questions every business owner or leader needs to know if they want to have the best employees, doing their best work, each and every day. The article is by Louise R Forbringer who summarises extensive research by the Gallup Organisation.

Will-skill coaching model

It’s easy to assume that because you are motivated by knowing you did a good job or by making an impact on your environment, that others feel this enthusiasm as well. In the real world, people have many different motivations