This may be controversial amongst Marketers but hopefully you’ll see my angle.

Don’t invest any money in marketing until you’ve invested time, effort and money in cultivating and nurturing the right culture in your business!

Imagine investing hard earned money on a marketing campaign that creates loads of interest for your business. People visit your store, call into the office, arrive at your venue. They’re full of excitement and hope that what you’ve promised is what they’ll experience….only to be met at reception with no smile, a waiter who barks orders or a sales person who shows little interest.

In simple marketing terms, we say that whatever you PROMISE must be suppported by a PROCESS. A major component part of that process is always your culture! It’s PEOPLE who typically execute the promise and so they need to know what behaviours and standards they need to uphold.

In general, I see culture done badly. Lip service is given to values and when pressed, few can recall the values and even less know what they mean!

Getting culture right is a major competitive advantage and a positive amplifier to any marketing campaign you deploy.

Is now the right time for you to be taking culture seriously?