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Managing Your Numbers

WHY SHOULD YOU COME TO THIS WORKSHOP? Numbers is the language of business and if you can’t speak the language, your chances of success are diminished. SME businesses typically make decisions made on gut feel. They tend not to make numbers-based decisions…because they don’t have the numbers available to them! Once you have a decent…

Group Coaching

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Norton House Hotel

Growing Your Business So It Runs Without You (And Becomes Sellable)

Michael Gerber, author of the famous business book – The E-Myth – said that the only reason to start a business in the first place is to ultimately sell it! Yes, your business will hopefully provide you with a good life whilst you own it but the real payday comes when you sell it! So,…

6 Steps Seminar

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Institute of Directors


Quarterly planning support for busy business owners. GrowthCLUB is designed to get you focused on the key opportunities and challenges you need to address to move your businesses forward. The chances are, you’ll know what you need to do but it’s getting this down on paper and then the execution you’ll struggle with. This is where GrowthCLUB will help.

90-Day Business Planning Workshop

from £295.00+VAT

Norton House Hotel