The more we want the more it costs.

In his book “The Great Sales Book”, Jack Collis states that success is limited by the price we are willing to pay. He goes on to say that the price is not paid in money. It is paid in knowledge, activity, creative thinking, innovation, identification, preparation, commitment, compromise, and a willingness to change.

A willingness to change? That’s an interesting concept. There is a formula for change:

D x V + F > R

Well that’s it. If you applied that formula you would probably have all that you wanted in life. I suppose I should explain it. D stands for Dissatisfaction, V is for Vision, F means first steps and R is for Resistance.

Are you dissatisfied with where you and your business is at? Do you have a vision for where it could be? Are you willing to take the first steps to move your business in that direction, or is the resistance that you anticipate going to be too great?

Let’s spend a few moments on each of these thoughts.

A person’s Dissatisfaction levels may be great but if they are without a vision of where they want to be then there is little chance to move on.

A person may have a great Vision for where they would like to be but if their dissatisfaction levels with their current situation are not great then, the chance for change is not great.

To change, to move on from where we are right now, we need to take the First Steps, if we don’t, then again we remain where we are.

Resistance is an interesting one. The resistance can be external or internal. But the greatest resistance we will encounter is internal…what we say to ourselves. That little voice inside that will either make us or break us. It comes down to that cliché we all have probably heard…If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, guess what.

Alan Smith is a Business Coach working with SMEs in Scotland who are passionate about their business and committed to taking the necessary actions to achieve their vision. Get in touch on 07972 310997.