Heard this quote from world class sports coach Frank Dick and felt it worth sharing.

He said that there are some things in life that can be taught (the science of what we do. The tools, systems, processes) and there are other things which can really only be learned (the art of doing what we do. Living through the experience).

I’ve often heard myself saying to people that it’s one thing to academically understand something and a very different thing to emotionally understand it. The emotional understanding and the real lesson is from getting on and doing it. Living through the act and seeing how it feels. what worked? what didn’t?

A related point to this is the quote “To know and not do is not to know”. What’s the point in being a ‘smart-arse’ with lots of knowledge if you don’t do anything with it?!!! Get moving! Start implementing!!!

Thank you Frank for another coaching masterclass on Friday. I love your style.