A key phrase that’s kept ringing in my head whilst on a quest to shed a couple of stone is:

“What do I want to endure most: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?”

This picture above is my best way of visually representing what many wise people before me have said. Jim Rohn being the biggest influencer of this philosophy.

The “apple a day” discipline leads to a very different outcome over time than the “mars bar a day” discipline/habit.

The saving and investing discipline leads to a different set of circumstances over time versus the spending habit.

A property portfolio for example is way more appealling than a stack of credit card bills!

These bad habits don’t feel all that bad today, tomorrow or even next week. I love a beer, rich food and a snack of Doritos….but not all the time and over time! Because I don’t love the outcome this gives me in the long-run.

Success (whatever that means to you) is about developing good disciplines executed consistently.

So what discipline(s) do you need more of in your life to have the outcomes you really want?