I can’t believe that up until Friday night I’d never watched this film. It was brilliant. I loved it. But here’s the thing, I’ll probably never watch it ever again. Why not? I have a tendency NOT to watch films a second time.

I’ve seen it. I enjoyed it but I’ll probably not spend 2.5 hours watching it again because I know the story.

Interestingly though, I find myself reading certain books a number of times or listening to certain people a good few times. The same thing I listened to 5 years ago I might listen to again every year. Jim Rohn, Jordan Peterson, Brad Sugars, Coach John Wooden, Earl Nightingale.

What’s different to re-watching films? For me, I find that every time I re-listen/re-read things I take different things from them. Because I’m a different person to the one who heard the same message the last time I get a different perspective.

What’s prompted this post?

The Departed is arguably a film I should have seen before now (it was made 14 years ago!). It was enjoyable but it hasn’t made me a better person…..but it made me think what other sources of inspiration have I not found yet that I WILL re-listen/watch time and time again that will build me as a person?