My colleague and great friend Chris Henry told me about the gratitude jar that he and his wife Tracy Henry have in their house….and we nicked their idea for ours!

The jar sits on our kitched window sill with post it notes and a pen. As we think of something for which we are grateful, happy, inspired by we’ll jot it down and pop it in the jar.

At the end of the year we’ll empty the contents of the jar and look back over the year and remind ourselves of all the good stuff.

Interestingly, we started this discipline at the start of this year obviously not knowing what was about to happen. But I reckon it was great timing that we did….because now, more than ever, we need to look for the small wins. The little things we’ve taken for granted up till now.

It’s going to be one of the little ‘tools’ we use in our house to keep focused on being positive.

Hope this sparks an idea for you and, like I did, feel free to steal this idea with pride!