What are you consciously doing to make yourself happy?

As Abraham Lincoln said “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”

A very close friend of mine and his wife have a superb habit which they’ve been doing for a number of years now.

At the end of every year – on the 31st Dec – they empty their gratitude jar of the scores of post it notes they’ve popped into it over the course of the year and remind themselves of the year they’ve had. Brilliant!

There are three key benefits of this discipline:

1) Throughout the year they are simply noticing – and then making a quick record – of the things that made them happy
2) How nice do you think their 31st’s of December are as they look back on all the good stuff in their year?
3) How positive a frame of mind do you think they might be – when on 1st Jan they sit down – and plan their goals for the year?

Look for the small wins in life each day and over time you’ll win big.