Ever met someone who’s totally zapped you with great energy? Where you feel great after being around them? We call them ‘mood lifters’. The kind of people you want to have on your team – either as a team member or the leader. The ones who show a genuine interest in you, the discussion or the project. Things seem possible and frankly life seems better with them around than not.

But we also have those who sap energy. We call them the ‘mood hoovers’. The ones who show disinterest, are maybe even nihilistic. Possibly think they know it all already and so because they (think they) are alright they don’t worry about others. Obstacles get thrown in the way and general cynicism prevails.

Two extremes here of course but I’ll bet you had people in mind as you read the descriptions. The saying goes that we become the average of the 5 people we hang around most.

So, are your 5 sappers or zappers?

Choose wisely!


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