When I was young my mum told me I was forever using my pocket money to buy everyone sweeties. When she sent me to the shops I always came back with 2 of whatever item I’d been sent for…just in case she needed more.

My world view is one of generosity. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the coaching team I belong to has a core value called Abundance. The phrase we uses is “the more, the more”. The more businesses we can help, the more jobs we created and the more positively we impact on our local economy.

We prefer collaboration versus competition. It’s a far better view than the opposite – a scarcity mindset of “I win, you lose”.

When I do a favour for people they often ask “how can I pay you back?”. As polite a response as that is, it’s also limiting.

Why? Because it means the exchange is just between you and me. My response therefore is “pay it forward” because then the favour keeps on going. It never stops.

Now that’s true Abundance isn’t it?

So for those of you who haven’t seen the film – Pay it Forward – there’s a good Netflix recommendation for you. 😉

What favour will you pay forward today?