A common issue people seem to be grappling with at the moment is the overwhelm of time being consumed with ‘meetings’, ‘catch ups’, ‘check-ins’. Is that you?

For whatever reason most of us default to agreeing or even suggesting times that are in increments of 30 mins. Why do we do this?

One of the rules I learned in negotiation is not to use round numbers and instead use irregular numbers. And if you think about it, with every ‘”interruption” that you are scheduling or invited into, you are negotiating with your time. Aren’t you?

So, how about using irregular timeframes? instead of defaulting to a 30 minute meeting why not instead suggest 18 mins. How many hours might you be able to save?

(And for the detail-oriented amongst you I know that it’ll be hard to schedule a meeting in your calendars for anything less than 5 minute increments so hey…why not schedule it for 20 mins! It still saves time!)

As Socrates once said “Not all cakes need to be cut the same way”.

He didn’t actually say that! ?