I’ve not watched the news for the last week. Ignorant or sensible?

I’m not a watcher of the news typically although I whilst we were unsure about the guidance the government were going to give I did sit down to watch the daily Boris briefing. Now that the guidance is clear and the support package is coming through though I have to confess to deliberately shutting my mind off from the news.

There’s unlikely to be much positive in the news feed and whilst my heart goes out to everyone and my support for people is 100% I do not want to plant seeds of doubt or fear in my own head.

I’m choosing to focus on positive realism and every day I continue my habit – built over the last 6 years – of listening to something every morning that inspires me.

And if you’re interested in my ‘go-to’ source….it’s anything by Jim Rohn.

Whilst people are being reminded to stay fit and active, I’d also encourage everyone to ensure they stay mentally fit!