In coaching we often talk about the attributes of High and Low performance.

Let’s talk specifically re. Denial.

Do you ignore problems? Bury your head in the sand? Or, like we used to do as kids, close our eyes, put our hands over our ears and shake our head from side to side shouting “la la la la la la”?

Of course, it might not feel like we do but it happens way more often than we care to admit.

Here’s the reality. A problem not dealt with rarely diminishes over time. It tends to get worse doesn’t it?

The more we face into the situation and ‘own’ the situation the better.

The most hard-hitting example of the difference between ownership and denial is one with our health.

As kids, our parents encouraged us to “check yourself” for lumps and bumps and to go to the doctor if you spot anything. But how many of us have heard stories of when something was brushed off as unimportant. Or in the hope that it’d go away? Only to be told “if only we’d got to this quicker”.

For us to play to our ‘personal bests’ we need to take ownership for our decisions, our actions. Our lives.

So, in what area(s) of your life or business might you be in denial? What’s required to help you take ownership?

People will help! Just ask.