I had a great conversation with someone yesterday who is in a very similar situation as I was 7 years ago. They are in a successful career in a bluechip organisation yet felt ‘stuck’. Like they weren’t learning and were going through the motions on a repeated basis. Same customer demands, same negotiation. Same people. Same. Same. Same.

I was asked what attracted me to business coaching and here’s what I said:

1. I only work with people I like, respect and admire – brave action-oriented business owners

2. my work is collaborative and not combative – a coach is there to do nothing more than help someone move forward

3. the decisions I make are my own – I will do what I think is right and my business will live or die by these decisions

4. whilst I hadn’t realised it at the time (it’s only possible to see it looking back) I chose coaching because it’s made me a significantly better person that I was. More capable, more knowledgeable, more confident, more risk-loving…..more me!

One of my favourite pictures on my office wall is the one below. Coaching has helped me on the journey to become the man I could be.

What could coaching do for you?


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