Here’s a thought for you. How much should you do? Do ALL you can!

If you saw your kids putting in less effort than they could and you could see them settling for less than you knew they were capable of, what would you do?

You’d encourage them and help them see a different future wouldn’t you? We’d use words like “do your best“. We wouldn’t say “settle for less than your best” would we?

Think of a tree. How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it can! Have you ever seen a tree grow half as tall as if could? Of course not! The roots push deep and the branches reach out.

So why, as adults, do we stop ourselves from growing? Why do we settle for less than we’re capable of achieving?

Bizarrely, it’s the same thing that makes others wildly successful.

It’s our freedom to choose!

We can choose how we participate in life. What we want to make of it.

Would you agree?

I wonder what’s possible for you – for your business – when you consciously exercise your freedom to choose?

A good coach will help you start to see a different and fuller future but your best inspiration will be the inspiration you give yourself.