Ever looked at it this way…..

If feedback is the breakfast of champions, when you withold the feedback then you deprive the other person of the very fuel they need to become more of the person they want to be.

Yet how many of us hold back on giving the feedback either because we’re scared they’ll take it the wrong way, we don’t know how to say it or we just don’t care enough to say it?

My encouragement is to make sure you give people feedback! And here’s the thing….as you’ve read this post where has your mind gone?

Were you thinking that the feedback focuses on a ‘gap’, a mistake or something that’s just not right?

What about the opposite? What if the feedback is to the positive. Imagine the effect of saying to someone…. “did you know just how good you are at [insert thing]? or “When you do [insert thing] it has this effect. Keep going!”

And here’s the thing…..who benefits most from that kind of feedback?

I’m not sure! It certainly feels good to be the giver of the feedback! Go on. Give it a try tomorrow. Make someone’s (and your) day.