At times we can be our own worst enemy can’t we? We immobilise ourselves with some of the self-talk in our heads. We worry about stuff that might not even be true!!!

FEAR – False Expectations Appearing Real.

A colleague of mine once said a useful set of words “Displace worry with activity”.

Take action as opposed to paralysing yourself with inaction.

I sometimes use the example of parachute jumping to explain FEAR…because sometimes fear can be helpful. For example, it’s possibly helpful to have an element of fear when you’re on the ground before take-off….because that fear will drive you to make all the necessary safety checks and rehearsal of the necessary routine. But when you’re about to jump, fear is the last thing you’ll want to have in your head. Far better to have hope and excitement!

“You bring about what you think about”….so be conscious of planting more helpful, constructive thoughts into your head rather than tie yourself in knots with worry.