Everyone is on their own journey. Some are consciously taking steps towards a pre-determined vision. Others are taking steps on a day-by-day basis and choose not to plot a particular path.

I personally opt for the former but I respect the fact that others may have a different view and choose the latter. The important point is that we don’t know other people half as well as we know ourselves so why would we judge our own performance against someone else (who we don’t even really know!)?

Everyone will have their own definition of success but here’s one I completely embrace:

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal” (Earl Nightingale). Whatever YOUR goal is (as long as it’s moral, ethical & legal), if you are making progress towards it then that’s success! It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing because YOU are being “successful”.

People are heaping too much pressure on themselves to be someone else. Be yourself! The only pressure you should put on yourself is the pressure to do your best every day!

(I’ll now step down off my soap box!) ?