Do you take note of your energy levels? Are you aware of the times when you’re at your best and those times when the spark’s perhaps not there?

For me, I’m an early bird. The time between 6-9am is SO productive. For the night owls the late hours are their thing.

It’s not for anyone to tell you when you should be doing your most productive work. It’s your responsibility to find out and then use it. Lot’s of people complain about not having enough time yet they are only viewing their work within the confines of 9-5.

Now, I’m not advocating extending your working hours into the morning and evening (although at times it’s required). But if the reason you’re not being productive is because of interruptions and distractions then might it be worthwhile considering a) the reasons WHY the distractions are happening? Do the team need clearer direction? Better systems to follow? and b) removing yourself for a period of time from the environment in which distractions are happening?

What’s the environment you need (that can be the people, the place and the time) to be productive?

For some clients it’s been an early morning routine – like mine. For others it’s been a day per week working from home.

What’s works for you?