Create your value proposition

Download the Value Proposition Builder template to help you get clear on these 4 crucial elements: Your Audience – who’s your target market? The Goal – what’s the pain point your customers come to you with that they’re looking to solve? The Tactics – how do you help solve this pain point? The Differentiator –…

What to target your employees on

The most important question we need to ask ourselves when we employee a team member is “do they know what is expected of them?”. Yet a lot of the time business owners find it challenging to be precise about what they want someone to do (and how to measure performance). This one page template gives…

Control your time

Your time is your most valuable asset…you can’t get more so you just have to use what you have better. Here are 3 tools to help you.

Creating your annual plan

Less than 50% of business owners have a written down plan….and even fewer stick to it! So what is it that holds people back? We find that it’s typically 3 things (1) Finding the Time (2) Having a structure to follow (3) Being held accountable to make it happen.

Maximising the value of your business

Many business owners never stop to think about the value they are (or could be) creating in their business. If you know you are working IN your business too much and you know you’ve neglected the time to think about ‘ON the business’ stuff, then download this quick overview of what needs to happen for…

Content marketing planner

Download this free template to select the following: Goal – what the aim of the activity is Format – e.g. videos, social, article, etc.

Free business health checker

Use my free business health checker to identify where the possible hot spots or pressure points might be in your business.

Free whitepaper download: how to win more customers

5 Ways to Increase Sales Developing Your USP Why You Should Improve Your Sales Process How to Get More Sales Through a Sales Process

Marketing plan template

Use my free marketing plan template to easily keep track of your marketing activities.

Default diary template

Use this spreadsheet to enter your regular weekly tasks which will help you conquer your time management. Don’t forget the gaps for unexpected items that come up! The template has already been filled in for you to give you an idea of what to enter.