People hate to be sold but they love to buy!

During a sales workshop yesterday evening with clients we explored this statement. We talked about the ‘product pushers’ and the ‘over-sellers’ out there. It’s cringeable to experience being sold to isn’t it?!

The flip of this of course is when we are professionally being helped to buy something we know is right for us. Where we have all of the information we need, it’s accessible where and when we need it and in a manner that suits us.

Why rely on a single sales meeting to ‘make the sale’? Surely that’s a lot of pressure for both parties to find out if there’s a mutual fit. That’s where a well thought-through sales process helps everyone.

One where you and they can qualify in or out.

One which pre-handles common objections before the meeting.

One which builds trust through providing useful information, social proof and rapport.

One which allows for the relatioship to have developed BEFORE you eventually meet each other. One which allows YOU (the seller) to be completely present and focused on the needs of the other person when you do meet.

What’s your process for professionally helping someone to buy?