A message to all business owners….When is over-communication a bad thing? Certainly not now!

As owners and leaders of your business it’s critical that we make sure we are constantly communicating with the most important people we have – our team! And let’s not just focus on what needs done in the business. Let’s not just focus on the operational side of things or the customers.

Focus on how the team are thinking and feeling right now.
They’ll have fears and apprehensions of their own. Help them know what the latest thinking is. What’s the common goal to focus on? What’s the plan? Ensure that there’s a way that they can express themselves openly and honestly. It’s your role to encourage the right emotional environment to support the team.

Your team are looking to you for strong leadership. How do you want them to be thinking & feeling? Remember, what you focus on, expands. Focus their attention on the stuff they can control. Focus on solutions. Focus on small wins. Focus on people’s well being. Focus on being calm. Focus on being clear. Focus on being decisive.

And smile. Your team are watching your every move & hearing your every word. Make sure that you have something good to say. And that you say it well.