We have a formula we use in ActionCOACH to help frame the personal development journey to “success“.


1. Define what you want to HAVE (experiences, relationships, possessions, abilities, giving)
2. This clarity makes it easier to understand what you need to DO – your action plan. The steps necessary to make the HAVE happen.
3. Who do you need to BE to be able to do what you need to DO? Who’s the person you need to become in pursuit of your goals?

Often people understand points 1 and 2 but less so for 3. Let me give an example using Sales.

If you want to HAVE more sales and you’re early in your career and so haven’t got a fully developed skill set it tends to be a numbers game to get to your target. You have to DO a lot because you aren’t BE’ing a great sales person.

As you learn and develop your competence in Sales (you are BEcoming an effective salesperson) the numbers you want to HAVE can be made more easily by DO’ing less. Infact, as you get better, the targets you set yourself increase because you are capable of more.

DO’ing is much easier than BE’ing. I’ve been a “busy fool” before by repeating the same activities. Things got easier when I got better.

Working on your BE is the amplifier to anything you DO!