Scripts for incoming and outgoing telephone calls and face to face situations can lead you to more sales more often than anything you’ve ever tried before if you follow a few simple rules…Let me explain.

The four main areas to consider when writing a script are:

1. Target Market – be very clear who you’re trying to reach

2. Process – some of the more expensive products and services may require several steps before a sale is made

3. Urgency – you must give people a reason to act now

4. ‘You’ Focus – your script needs to be focused towards the customer

Within the script itself you then need to look at:

a) Greeting – Get this right as it will set the tone for what follows

b) Outline the reason for your call/visit and get permission to continue – e.g. Would it be OK if I outlined the reason for my call today?” This step applies when you’re the one making the first contact

c) Ask open-ended questions – you must ask questions that can’t be answered by yes or no

d) Get agreement – you need to get feedback from the customer. Ask rhetorical questions that will get them to say yes – e.g. “So it sounds like you’d benefit from A, B and C, that’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

e) Deal with objections – this is part of the process! Get the customer to elaborate, acknowledge that what they’re saying is true for them at the time and then come up with your standard replies to known objections

f) Close and take the next step – Would you like to pay by cheque or credit card?”

g) Use transition phrases/temperature checking phrases like, “How does this fit with what you had in mind?, “So from what I understand, you want A, B and C. Is there anything else?”

Be careful not to make the script to artificial, or too “tight”. Be prepared to allow the “human flavour” of your team to come through. This will ensure that you have a script that works for you and your business.

You will end up with a script that is really effective as a sales tool. More importantly, your entire team will have a framework to follow, which means your customers will be treated in a like-minded fashion regardless of who speaks to them. This, in turn, enhances the perception of excellent customer service. An added bonus is that any new team member will be productive much more quickly.