Zoom One-to-One Coaching Session (one off)

If you’re not on a formal coaching program but want to benefit from a one-off coaching session you can book a session at a time of your choosing through the online calendar booking system.

Frequency:   One-off

Duration:      90 mins

Investment: £150+VAT Click here to book and pay 

Zoom 90 Day Planning

In order that you are focused for the next 90 days you’ll need a plan. Without one you’ll be busy but you may not being productive in getting your business to where you want it to be. You’ll be given pre-work to complete ahead of the session and  we’ll build upon this during the 3 hours we spend together. The focus of this session is getting you super-clear on your goals, priorities, tasks and measurements for the quarter ahead. There will be up to 12 businesses on this session. 

The value you will get from these sessions is clarity. The process of planning – both prior to and during the session – enables you to identify WHAT your most important goal(s) are and then think through HOW to make them happen. 

Frequency:   Quarterly

Duration:      3.5 hours

Investment: £200+VAT 

Zoom ‘Group Education’ Coaching

Groups will have no more than 12 businesses on a session at any time. The focus of this group will be on education to ensure that you are learning the key disciplines required to build your business. Our definition of a business is a “commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you”. To help you, over time achieve this, you will be guided through the ActionCOACH 6 Steps Framework which covers topics such as  Planning, Time Management, Financial Control, Service Delivery, Marketing, Systemisation, Team Building, Management, Leadership and Mindset. As the saying goes “the more you learn the more you earn”. This is an essential program for growth-minded owners. 

Frequency:   Fortnightly

Duration:      2.5 Hours

Investment: £250+VAT per month (for 6 months) or 10% discount for pre-payment of full program 

Zoom ‘Group Accountability’ Coaching

Groups will have no more than 4 businesses on a session at any time. The focus of this group will be on accountability to ensure that you are focused on your 90 plan and are implementing the tasks set out in the plan. Whilst education will be given as and when appropriate, a large amount of time on the call will be devoted to identifying your actions, clarifying the steps required and anticipating obstacles that may knock you off course. The value you will get from these sessions is that you will make progress towards your goals. You will not be let off the hook by your coach and you’ll also have your peer group to answer to.

Frequency:   Weekly

Duration:      90 mins

Investment: £300+VAT per month