Who is one-to-one business coaching for?

This is most suitable for high quality businesses already experiencing steady growth, but with the goal to grow more rapidly. You’re probably working too many hours and your business would not survive without your constant attention. In other words, your business is not reaching its full potential.

1-to-1 coaching accelerates results, makes a real difference to your lifestyle and adds value to your business. And if it’s your goal, 1-to-1 business coaching can help you prepare your exit strategy.

These programs are only for those fully committed to change and willing to embrace new challenges. These are the mindsets of the business owners who’ve achieved the spectacular results and award wins we’re so proud of.

This coaching program utilises hundreds of practical strategies that make up the ActionCOACH system, plus the extensive business and personal coaching expertise we’ve gained from successfully coaching business owners and managers like you.

How does one-to-one business coaching work?

To ensure success, we start off by clearly identifying what you want your life to look like (your dreams). We prioritise your personal life first and foremost. Yes, that means over and above your business life. Why? Because our belief is that your business is there to serve you, not for you to serve it! So with this in mind, we’ll break things down into 5, 3 and 1 year goals so you’ll have a good idea as to what your business needs to look like at each milestone.

With this level of clarity over what you want to achieve, we then break down your goals into 90 days blocks and conduct regular coaching sessions to ensure you are making tangible progress towards your targets. Coaching sessions are weekly or fortnightly and because you’re probably spending the bulk of your time working ‘IN the business’, the focus for these sessions is ‘ON the business’.

See Frequently Asked Questions for much more detail about how coaching works and what’s involved.

All one-to-one programs include:

  • Weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions
  • Creation of clear action plans during each session
  • Quarterly 90 Day Planning Workshops
  • Full email and phone support, directly from your coach, between sessions
  • Reviews & critiques of your marketing strategies, management systems, sales processes, time mastery, recruitment systems and anything else that’s relevant
  • Complimentary DISC behavioural evaluations
  • Templates and tools to conduct key business activities
  • Access to our educational library including books, video education system, webcasts, whitepapers
  • Access to additional world-class training eg. Brad Sugars Annual Tour, Business Excellence Forum
  • Our absolute commitment to coach you towards your stated goals and hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them