Who is Group Coaching for?

Group coaching is for business owners who are committed to learning the best business practices in a group setting with other business owners. Typically, your revenues will be sub-£400k and the business may just involve you and possibly a small team. The group coaching program (called ActionCLUB) educates you on how to grow revenues and profits and is a perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to one-to-one coaching.

How does Group Coaching work?

The group coaching program meets on a fortnightly basis for 2 hours and educates members on the key building blocks of the ActionCOACH 6 Step Framework. This is the proven framework that has helped thousands of SMEs around the world. Subjects covered:

  • Mastery – focuses on the 4 fundamental building blocks of Destination (aka.Business Planning), Delivery (aka.Operations & Customer Service), Time (time management) and Finance (financial control)
  • Niche – facilitates the creation of your bespoke Marketing Action Plan using our 5 Ways Sales & Marketing system
  • Leverage – focuses your attention on the 4 Ways to Systemise your business
  • Team – helps you understand how to attract, focus and retain the most talented employees through running the 6 keys to a winning team system

The focus for the program is tilted towards education and is based on the belief that in order for your business to grow, you have to grow first. So, education is critical. The sessions will be facilitated by your ActionCOACH and there will be plenty of time to ask questions, hear from others and share your own perspective. It’s a learning environment after all and the best way we learn is to encourage participation and fun! You’ll be provided with plenty of tools, templates and online resources and the focus between sessions is for you to implement what you learn. Learning is one thing, Doing is another. And because there’s a fortnight between sessions there’ll be plenty of time for you to make tangible progress on what you learn.

Group Coaching program includes:

  • Fortnightly attendance at the ActionCLUB group workshop (of which there are 20 over the year)
  • Quarterly attendance at a GrowthCLUB 90-day planning workshop (Group Coaching rate of £100 p.p per session)
  • One-to-one support from your business coach
  • Subscription to “Business Basics” online Business Training centre with full access
  • Business tools and templates

How will you benefit?

Of course I expect you to enjoy ActionCLUB and gain motivation and inspiration, but it must be a sound investment too. When you apply to join ActionCLUB, you’ll be asked to assess the opportunity and consider whether it will generate more than the investment you’ll make. Like any investment, you should only proceed if it makes sound financial sense!


  • £300+VAT per month (15% discount for quarterly pre-payment)

Let’s get some of the excuses out of the way…

  • We’re doing OK…
    Great!! But you can do so much better. Joining ActionCLUB is the step that will make a measurable difference.
  • I‘m too busy…
    Of course you are. But are you busy running in circles day after day, year after year? Time to break the cycle!
  • I can’t afford help…
    This is precisely why you need help. It’s catch-22. To accelerate growth you need help, but you can’t get help without investing… hoping and wishing are not a strategy!
  • I don’t need a coach…
    No one reaches their full potential without coaching and mentoring, and certainly not as quickly.
  • I’ll definitely do it, but not just yet…
    Before I start I just need to ______________________. <insert reason>.

Don’t be one of these people, the right time doesn’t just happen. Take action now!