Let’s start close to home first of all.

I want my kids to grow up with the confidence and belief that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve and as a dad I want to be a role model and encourager for them.

In the wider word, I see business ownership as an empowering force and as a way we all can create the kind of life we want for ourselves, whatever that might look like. I’ve always admired those people who are brave enough to “do their own thing”, especially when the chances of success in business are so slim (have a listen to the scary stats of business in the video below).

I believe small & medium sized business owners deserve to be rewarded for their courage and for their impact on their local economies but they are failing at alarming rates and it’s down to a lack of business understanding and discipline.

In my personal opinion, because Business Coaching takes a generalist view of the overall business and has a uniquely close relationship with the owner, I believe it is the only profession that can truly help owners create a business that will help them achieve their goals. I don’t think business should be hard and that’s why I love to teach people the simple things they need to do to make their business successful.

I coach all of my clients to get clear on their Vision, Mission and Culture (or Values). Do you know yours yet? Here are mine:

A Vision to Guide You…

Enjoy Work. Enjoy Life…To create enjoyment through business success

A Mission to Help You…

To build a community of loyal and successful businesses who achieve amazing results through learning and coaching

Values to Inspire You…

  1. WealthA Generational View. Earn – Invest – Enjoy
  2. Health Be Active. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  3. FamilyHonesty, Loyalty & Encouragement Always
  4. PositivityIt’s Possible
  5. KnowledgeLearn to Earn
  6. Fun Enjoy Every Day. Laugh!