It’s worth acknowledging that coaching is not for everyone.

You need to have strong values, be self-aware and have the desire and commitment to take the action that’ll get results. If these attributes don’t resonate with you then you’ll probably not enjoy the coaching experience.

  • you’ll experience change. Very positive change.
  • expect to be clearer on where you are taking the business.
  • More disciplined on how you invest your time.
  • Have a tighter control of your finances and deliver more consistent levels of service.
  • Your sales & marketing will be more purposeful and hence generate better ROI and your leadership and management of your team will start to cultivate the attributes of a high performance team.
  • You’ll systemise things so that your team will be able to run the business without you needing to be central to every decision or situation.

You become a more effective owner through building your own business education – books, audio, seminars, workshops – and in the process your business starts to take the shape that you want.

Lots of clients say they fall back in love with the business through coaching having lost sight of why they started the business in the first place.