In a word…No.

As I’ve previously mentioned, coaching isn’t a magic pill with the promise of overnight success. Yes, there are some quick wins we’ll identify but this is a process of building a business that can run profitably without you having to be there. It’ll take time and that’s why you should be thinking of a time frame of 12 months at the very least.

So, as we enter into a coaching relationship we’ve got to be heading into it with that kind of mindset. With this level of commitment from you, I’m prepared to offer my Return on Investment Guarantee.

One of the cornerstones of an effective coaching relationship is honest communication and through our weekly interaction, we’ll ensure that if there are any niggles or blips, we’ll get them sorted such that the relationship will continue to be productive and ultimately help you achieve your goals. That said, you won’t be held to a contract…because there isn’t one. The only thing that you’d forego is the guarantee.