Great and well done!

The fact you are getting support from external parties is a good thing and I always help my clients to get the support they need when they need it. Different agencies/advisors fulfill different purposes and so they are not mutually exclusive.

2 key differences a coach has versus a consultant, a mentor or an account manager.

Accountability. Gaining the right education is critical. Identifying and creating the most appropriate plan is paramount. But the most important step is implementation….actually getting things done. Let’s be honest, there’s a high chance that you know the things you should be doing right now in your business. It’s just that you’re not doing them. This is where week-to-week accountability helps you to commit to your plan and get the necessary actions done. Typically, other agencies do not provide such close-in accountability and this is what gets things done. You wouldn’t go to a gym for a personal training session, map out a fitness plan then not do it would you? Your personal trainer is there to make sure you now implement the plan. A Business Coach is the equivalent of your personal trainer.

The second difference is that a coach is person-focused. Yes the strategies, tasks & actions of the business are important but these are only relevant if they support what YOU want. A good coach will not start talking about the business until they know what your personal goals are. What do you want out of life first and foremost and how therefore should the business look for you to achieve that. A coach will also be interested in your personal development. A coach knows that if the person grows, the business will grow and so you’ll have a much more intimate relationship with your coach about your personal development than with any other advisor you engage with.