My favourite question to ask new clients when they come on board is

“What are the 10 things you know you should be doing right now in your business but aren’t doing?”

You need to think less about whether you’ve heard stuff before and think more about whether you’re applying the discipline to implement it!

Remember, having a coach is increasingly being regarded as less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

Look around the corporate world and you’ll see how prevalent coaching is, either as an approach for managers to take with team members or with the presence of executive coaches for key people.

And of course there is no more obvious an environment than the world of sport to demonstrate the importance of coaching on an individual’s and a team’s performance.

I’ve also heard someone liken the role of the coach to that of the golf caddy. The caddy is there to advise, encourage, discuss with the golfer….but at the end of the day it’s the golfer that takes the shot and importantly it’s the golfer who gets the reward. I’ve yet to see Tiger Woods carry his own bag!