It’s not about me. It’s about YOU!

A good sports coach knows that you only win if the athlete wins. If the athlete loses, so too does the coach. Clearly, we’re not in the sporting arena. We’re in the business arena but my values are the same. Your success is my success.

We’re in this for the long-term. A coaching relationship isn’t a short-term, “let’s fix it and move on” scenario. My fundamental belief is that business is there to serve you, not for you to serve it! So, the most important thing for us to be working on is how we get your business the way it needs to be to allow you to lead the life you really want.

You are likely to be running your business with one of two mindsets; a ‘cashflow’ business or a ‘capital value’ business. You might only ever want your business to be of a size that allows you to draw income from it to pay the bills and allow you to live your-day-today life. And that’s fine. Business coaching though, works with you to create a solid ‘cashflow’ business from which you can draw increasingly good income AND importantly to help you build ‘capital value’ in the business so that you maximise your sale value as and when you decide to sell the business. This afterall, is when the real rewards are reaped!

20 things I promise to do for you…

1. I am focused on what YOU want…..where are you NOW and where do you want TO BE?

2. Most people DON’T have goals………………I will help you set motivating goals.

3. Most people say they know what to do…..but don’t put it in to practise. I will ensure you get things done and that you’re not just a talker.

4. Few people ever fulfill their full potential and satisfy for less…..I will push you to make the most of what you’ve got.

5. I will provide a fresh perspective and offer an unemotional view…….to keep you grounded.

6. I appreciate that being the boss can be lonely. I am a sounding board and a sympathetic ear.

7. Most people stop educating themselves when they leave formal education. I will provide much needed business education…..I’ll get you reading, listening, watching stuff that will increase your skills & knowledge.

8. I will work with your team to help educate, train and motivate them to help you deliver the goals you set.

9. I will be an unreasonable friend and make you do what you try to avoid doing.

10. I will be your biggest supporter. I’ll congratulate you, cheer you on and be there for you when times get tough and pick you up when you need it.

11. I will provide a network of contacts and information for you to tap into when you need it.

12. I will act as an ambassador for your business and actively seek opportunities on your behalf.

13. I will help you identify your strengths and help you maximise these and I will help you see your weaknesses and help you develop these.

14. I will always get the answers to your questions because I have a huge network of abundant coaches worldwide.

15. I’ll get you using your time very differently than you do today and it’ll be more productive and ultimately more satisfying.

16. I’ll help you get the time to do the things you value and want to do that are important to you.

17. I will push you so that you achieve more in a shorter space of time than you would have achieved on your own.

18. I will do whatever it takes to make you successful because I recognise that my success is dependent upon the successes of my clients.

19. Our relationship must be based on win:win.Two of my core values are HONESTY and LOYALTY. I am the best team member you could possibly want on your team.

20. Business done properly is FUN. We will have fun. To use a cliché, we will work hard & play hard