Why come to this event?

If you want to be a ‘best-in-class’ employer there’s no more important a focus than your people. Creating an environment in which your people can be at their best is not just a moral responsibility, it’s a source of major competitive advantage!

So what would you need to do in order to allow people to be at their best?

1. Understand each person as an individual. See them as human being, for all of the strengths and vulnerabilities they have. Our belief is that people come to work to do a good job yet the job and whilst our job consumes a large part of our life, it isn’t the only thing. People have a life! We all carry stresses and strains that need to be acknowledged, challenged and supported.

2. Understand that different generations have different perspectives. By 2025, Millenials with make up 75% of the workforce yet many businesses are still grappling with the unique challenge of having four different generations in the workplace. Building a culture of better intergenerational working will allow us to harness the gifts each generation brings to the team.

3. Understand that each person has a unique behavioural style. Even within the generations we have different ways of approaching the same situation. Some of us are outgoing. Others are reserved. Some are more task-focused where others more people-focused. None of these are wrong. Infact, they’re all right! There’s just different! Learning to not just appreciate but leverage these differences helps eliminate workplace conflict and creates winning teams.

Who’s speaking?

What’s covered?

Stop treating others the way YOU want to be treated! By Alan
This session will addresses the fact that most people generally make the mistake of assuming that others interact and think the same way they do. Many of us grew up believing in The Golden Rule: treating others the way you would like to be treated. Instead, you’ll be encouraged to live by another practical rule Platinum Rule: to treat others the way THEY want to be treated.
How To Empty Your ‘Stress Bucket’ By Gin
This session will cover the science behind how the brain functions during anxiety, stress and depression. An accumulation of negative thoughts over time can mean that we feel overwhelmed and out of control. Understanding the biological process that causes this enables us to manage these symptoms and feel better both mentally and physically. By using examples and metaphors, Gin gives you an accurate, straightforward explanation of brain function and how, by improving just one underestimated area of your life, you can empty your ‘stress bucket’.
The Future Worforce is now By Graham

This session will focus on young people (Millienials and Gen Z) in the workplace and how to build a culture of intergenerational working. Looking at some of the challenges that developing your young workforce can bring, along with tangible solutions that can help you encourage, develop and inspire a more diverse and unified workplace. It includes a journey through the generations exploring (and challenging) some of the stereotypical behavioural traits of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z. The session will ultimately challenge you to think differently about your approach to the next generation of talent.

Friday 27th March - Friday 27th March

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

from £25+VAT

Hilton Edinburgh Carlton, 19 North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1SD, UK

07972 310997